Clement Ong

Real Time Twitter Feed

I have to subscribe to Google Cloud Platform service in order to achieve this functionality. Powered by GCP, Firebase functions, Realtime database, and Twitter stream API.


Calculate probability across multiple consecutive events.

Recurring update

The content of this page update every 30 minutes. A cronjob periodically sent http request to a dedicated API endpoint to change the page content. The page automatically shows the updated information.


This is a retirement community website. A static brochure website.


This is a physic-based android game, my very first mobile application. Coded in Java with the help of libGDX cross-platform framework and Box2D physic engine.

Malaysia New Car Price List

A website which showcase the latest new car price in one comprehensive list. I used Bootstrap for the frontend, CSV parser + Datatables for the backend.

Online pasteboard

Self-explanatory, useful for copy and paste across the internet. It even has a password protected page. Powered by React.js and react-router.js.

This casual marketplace and classified website is powered by Nodejs, complete with user authentication.

Expense tracker

Coming soon to web, Android and iOS. It is made in React.js with react-router.js.

Upcoming bite-size portfolio

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