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First Jekyll Blog

Today is an extremely momentous night, I’m typing this at 2.52 am right now. I finally get publish my first blog and content static generator site for the first time.

I learn about this years ago, but lack the time or commitment to learn this amazing technology. But now I have, it is freaking amazing!

It may be slightly inconvenient to update or publish new materials, or even doing slight editing adjustments, but if you treat this as updating a piece of software, it’ll feel much better.

A few things I would like to take note in making this website successfully running.

This cheatsheet is amazing, so does a few others who tried their best making git as ELI5 as possible.

git the simplest guide to git
a few essential commands in running this git-bitbucket-netlify combination.

git init
git clone
git status
git add .
git commit (if you’re in some weird interface of the command line, press esc, then :wq to exit, after entering your one line commit message of course.)
git log
git remote add name *url (name are usually origin by convention? *url usually end with /folder.git)
git pull *origin *master
git push *origin *master


use two spaces to end a line, if you want to do single line break. for paragraph break, css formating is done.

Oh my, I still have a lot to learn about this.

I just put it as a bookmark first, will refer to it when customizing this site. every time something site wide is done, run bundle exec jekyll serve

oh, before publishing the site, don’t forget to get it w3 validated.

special thanks to these people who inspired me:

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